Ultimate Fan Experiences Boost Charitable Donations

Athletes running nonprofit foundations now have access to a new way to generate income: Micro-donations. The online strategy, inspired by the recent surge in popularity in crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, allows athletes to offer exciting incentives to fans from every income level.

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One service emerging as a leader in micro-donation campaigns is Dolemanity. Created by NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman, Dolemanity lets fans enter to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences for as little as $10. Built-in social tools then allow entrants to share their activity with family and friends, creating a buzz around an athlete’s online giving campaign.

Todd Armstrong, a campaign strategist and manager at Dolemanity’s parent organization, Celebrity Charitable Network, works with athletes to create deep fan engagement and significant fundraising through Dolemanity campaigns. Like Doleman, his passion is helping others, and that starts with helping athletes and celebrities be as knowledgeable and efficient at fundraising as possible.

“Most athletes with nonprofits know they need to be in the online giving space and they know there is a lot of engagement going on, but because of their workload they don’t have the time to learn and understand it,” Armstrong said. “With Celebrity Charity Network and Dolemanity, you don’t have to figure it out, because we’ll do that for you.”

Capitalizing on the majority of an athlete’s fan base is the focal point of Dolemanity, which is why it’s so effective for charity fundraising.

“About 95% of an athlete’s fan base can’t participate in a foundation’s annual golf tournament because they either can’t afford it or they’re geographically unable to,” Armstrong said. “So there’s these big legions of fans going ‘I love watching these players, I wear their jerseys, but I can’t go to their foundation events.’ With Dolemanity, this willing, excited group of fans now has the means to support an athlete’s cause.”

For athletes, this means being able to market their foundations to all of their fans, no matter where they live, and the opportunity to make an even greater difference with their foundation than previously imaginable. As an extra incentive for athletes to try Dolemanity, there is zero up-front money required to start a campaign. All fees are performance-based, which gives foundations at every level the means to further their causes through unique online campaigns.

The only requirement to get started, according to Armstrong, is that an athlete is “passionate about their nonprofit.”

Look for All Sports United and Dolemanity to team up in the future to offer fans incredible experiences with their favorite philanthropic-minded athletes.

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Correspondent Anthony Baldini

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