Hannah Storm, Bo Porter, Tavon Mason and Meryl Davis on All Sports United Radio

In this first episode of 2017, prepare to be inspired as All Sports United Radio host TJ Rives interviews 4 of the 10 finalists from the 2017 All Stars of Giving Campaign.  One of the finalists will be named Humanitarian of the Year and receive a $10,000 cash prize for their charity.






The show begins with ESPN Broadcaster Hannah Storm talking about her career as a sportscaster and about her passionate work at the Hannah Storm Foundation.  Listen to her inspirational story about providing needed surgery for kids suffering from Vascular Birthmarks and their related medical conditions.

Next is Atlanta Braves Assistant GM Bo Porter discussing his baseball jouney and how it led him to the SELF Foundation.  The Stacey and Bo Porter SELF Foundation provides and supports programs that are dedicated to improving and impacting the lives of others through Sports, Education, Life Skills and Faith.

Up next is Former University of Virginia and New York Jet football player Tavon Mason.  He talks with TJ about his love for giving and working in the Baltimore community.  He also illustrates how it has impacted his life through the Tavon Mason Loves the Kids Foundation.

Last but not least, Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Dancer Meryl Davis expresses the impact she is able to have on kids through Figure Skating in Detroit and Classroom Champions.  She also discusses the experience of being an Olympic Gold Medalist.

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Episode 6 Special All Stars of Giving 2017 Featuring ESPN’s Hannah Storm, Atlanta Braves Assistant GM Bo Porter, Former NFL player Tavon Mason and Olympic Gold Medal Ice Dancer Meryl Davis.

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