Scott Manthorne — Co-Founder

Scott Manthorne brings more then 25 years experience in marketing, business development, strategic networking and philanthropic endeavors to All Sports United.  His passion for helping others, impacting the world on a macro level, and collaborating to form highly impactful partnerships brought to fruition All Sports United. Prior to this, he co-founded Athletes and Executives, which was an industry leader strategically connecting business executives with athlete entrepreneurs nationally.
Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Florida Southern College, is an avid tennis player, and actively involved in his community.  He is the proud father of a daughter, coaches both soccer & softball, and serves on numerous boards.

Alan Pavlosky — Co-Founder

Alan Pavlosky is a highly connected, highly experienced business manager in the professional sports industry in the United States. He has built and maintained hundreds of long standing relationships with hall of fame caliber professional athletes and entertainers over the past 27 years. He is also highly connected with sports media personalities, sports agents, public relations agents, athletic trainers and others in almost every aspect of the industry. His trusted relationships run deep in the United States sports industry.

Alan Pavlosky has worked with hundreds of athletes and celebrities helping them create branding and marketing programs.  He has also been a mentor to many of them in their philanthropic planning.

Alan’s life long passion has been to leave a legacy by helping others leave a legacy.  He is proud father of four and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Gail.


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